Generations will Reap what you Sow

This weekend really has made me even more hungry and thirsty for the things of God. He is calling His people to live differently in the days ahead, to be truly marked and set apart. Holiness is not old fashioned. Holiness is not a fad. Holiness does not make you irrelevant or out of date. Holiness tells the Lord here I am, ready and open for whatever You want. A life that is yielded to Him and willing to please Him no matter the cost. It causes you to live a life that maybe different even from people you sit in the pews with every week….but this isn’t a holiness post!! This is about children! Specifically, your children!

Lately my children have been on my heart. I want my kids to be radical fanatical, sold out, prophetic, miracles, signs and wonders type of Kids. I want them to be giant slayers. I want them to live in kingdom dominion and walk in the authority of Jesus Christ. I want them to cast out devils, be fearless, and most importantly obey God to the utmost detail. I want them to be compassionate, genuine, patient, kind, and everything Jesus is. What parent doesn’t want that for their child? For the past few months the Lord has been pointing to my spiritual walk and joining it with my children and even grand children. I’ve always thought generationally. I thank God for that because it has kept me and challenged me to live a lifestyle of holiness. The way I pursue the Lord now, my word time, scripture memorization, my prayer time etc., my children and grandchildren will reap the benefits of my lifestyle.

Have you ever experienced emotions or habits or tendencies your parents or grandparents struggle with? Often times, the sins of our fathers (grandparents and parents) are passed down to us and our future lineage. If they are not dealt with we can find ourselves dealing with those same habits and tendencies. Or maybe you are like me who have had parents who saw those negative aspects of our blood line and have been praying and petitioning to God, reminding Him we have been redeemed from the Curse! Instead of history being repeated, you make history and experience freedom and liberty.

This life you and I live right now can alter future generations of our new
Christian heritage. There is a selfish mindset, a carnal mindset, that has creeped into the church. The life I live is about me right now. We have parents who want to be friends with their kids instead of giving them Jesus. We have a generation of kids who do not have the Word hidden in their hearts, who only pray over their food, and live all sorts of ways during the week. Yet, we have not considered our posterity! What we do today will effect our seed tomorrow! If there is not a shift in our thinking, there will be generations of children who will not know their word, who will not know how to pray, we could reap a hallow and empty harvest of precious souls for the kingdom.

My challenge to my generation: are you living a life that your great grand-children will benefit from?! That they will not be shaken or swayed when different doctrines try to influence them? Do you know how to fight the good fight of Faith? Do you know how to pray effectively? How is your sword action? Can the Lord trust you with His plans, His secrets, or to obey Him? Or are you investing in video game systems, external beauty, social media, etc.? Like Paul, this is all stuff I am perfecting every day. I am still growing and I am being challenged daily . I feel such an urgency in my spirit. Shake this dry, mundane, Christianity off!! It’s time to wake up!! Our parents have Jesus, now it’s our turn! No more parental salvation, it’s time to get what’s ours. We want to see miracles signs and wonders, but forget there is preparation before there is a wonder! The legacy of Jesus continues with us!

Whoever reads this, please know it is not a reprimand, but a shaking! God is calling us to new places in Him, and His desire is that everyone can go to a new place in Him. But, we have to do our part too and wipe the sleep from our eyes and prepare ourselves. If you’re like me and don’t have any children what can we do to prepare?
1. Pray for your children, EVERYDAY!
2. Spend time with God EVERYDAY!
3. Choose to live holy in every aspect of life EVERYDAY!

Start today, our children are counting on us!


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