How a preacher in the Bahamas impacted a girl in the Midwest

I was saddened to hear of the loss of Dr. Myles Monroe and his wife Ruth this past Sunday. I remember seeing him on TBN as a young girl when my mom would watch Praise the Lord. I remember him speaking about faith and how God wants us to live our lives in faith not sometimes, but every day of our lives. His words were like seeds that fell into my heart and spirit and I decided I wanted to live a faith filled life like that!

Fast Forward to 2014, I have many stories that have required faith and I’ve seen Gods faithfulness in my life. After Dr. Monroe’s untimely death, I revisited a book someone bought for me that he wrote entitled, Waiting and Dating. It is such a great book for people who are single, in a serious courtship, and people who want to have a relationship that lasts. Besides this book, he has preached many sermons!
I am on Instagram a lot more since I got rid of my Facebook this year. I have seen more quotes and pictures to fill a library! I’ve seen some good quotes and horrible quotes, truthful quotes, and quotes that make you feel good. I bet 5 bucks it’s a quote or picture for what ever is going on in your life right now. I’ve seen young people share on Instagram that they want something real when it comes to relationships. They want it to last, they want it to be passionate, they want it to be everything they see on tv or Instagram. My favorite posts are the ones of Beyoncé and Jay- Z, or Kim K and Kanye, and how their love has become #relationshipgoals. I just want to say it is a FANTASY! Many young girls and guys have created a fantasy of love that is unrealistic and doesn’t prepare them to be someone’s wife or husband.
There is one clip from a sermon he preached that I wrote down notes of what everyman should be and what every women should wait for.

Dr. Monroe listed four traits every woman should recognize in a man who’s ready to be married.

1. He should be in the presence of God
Basically, he is living in communion with God, daily.
2. He should be working
Good work ethic can go a long way
3. He should be a protector and able to cultivate you
You want someone to step in front of you not hide behind you when danger comes. When a man can cultivate you, he can bring out the best in you because he has the ability to create.
4. He should be able to teach the word of God
He will not only be teaching you, but your children. He has to know word of God.

Ultimately, as women, we should be waiting for and trusting God for a man that encompasses all these qualities. Thank you Dr. Monroe for being kingdom minded and influencing others to be kingdom minded in all areas of life.

Click the link below to see the clip I just wrote about

Also here is a link to buy his book I mentioned too!

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