God is that you?

I remember being a young girl and I thought I would hear my mom calling my name. I would run to my mom asking her, “Mommy did you call me?” She would say no I didn’t call you. My mom taught me after that encounter, if I ever heard my name called and it wasn’t her, to say Yes Lord! I didn’t understand that at first, but as I’ve grown older, I realized my mom was training my ear to hear Gods voice. Have you ever wanted to know what Gods opinion about something going on in your life? You prayed, fasted, read the word, talked to a trusted friend, your mom, dad, the dog, and still you had no answer? One thing that I do know about myself, is that I hear from God. He speaks to me all the time. There are moments in my life where I felt I could not hear Him clearly. I was frustrated wanting to get Gods perspective but I was like, God did you say this or that? I was confused, I would ask myself God is this me or you? So some questions maybe, How do I know God is talking to Me?
Being in communion and relationship with God opens the ability for us to hear him speak. The bible says in John 10:27 My sheep recognize my voice. I know them and they follow me. Obedience to the Holy Spirit keeps you sensitive to Gods voice. Disobedience can interfere with what God wants to say to you! Another cool thing about God is that He uses many avenues to talk to us. He used a bush when He spoke to Moses, prophets, dreams (my favorite), donkeys, and Angels. Having a sense of peace is another way I know God speaks to me. He is not the author of confusion (1st Corinthians. 14:33) so when God speaks to you, peace should follow what He says. Also, what He said can and should be backed up with scripture. Meaning, you can find a scripture that will confirm what He has said. There are many more ways I’m not mentioning that God speaks to us. Even an audible voice, which is super rare, like He used when getting Samuels attention . When the Lord first called Samuel, Samuel didn’t even recognize Gods voice! He replied yes, here I am. He ran to the priests Eli’s room and asked, Eli did you call me? Eli said no and sent him back to bed.This happened three times, before Eli understood it was God who was calling him. Eli the told Samuel, the next time you hear the voice calling you reply ‘Yes Lord, your servant is Listening.’ This story alone, proves that it takes practice developing hearing Gods voice. He was taught to say Yes Lord, so God could trust Samuel with His messages. The more you respond in obedience to what God is saying, He will confirm what He said and peace will follow suit. Can the Lord trust you with His messages? Finally my last point! Samuel was not even 13 when God began to talk to him about what he was doing in Israel, even with the Eli and his family!! God is no respecter of person. He will speak to anyone who is willing to listen and seek Him! So get a Q-Tip, clean out your ears, clean out your heart and find out what God is saying today! He loves you that much that He has something to speak to you everyday!

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