Ummm Hello?! Where’s mine??

Alrighty guys, Happy November! I was on my way to school praying one day this week when God downloaded something into my spirit. He has been dealing with me about being persistent and knowing that He is handling EVERYTHING that concerns me. I was like man this is deep!! Lol I was so overwhelmed. Let me paint a picture for those of you like me who want to get their stuff!! I’m being silly but 1st Samuel has some great things that we can take away and eat on for days! The Prophet Samuel is so bomb they gave him 2 books! That’s how you know you’ve made it when they name a whole book after you and divide it! Before I digress, I am reminded Samuels story started before Samuel was born. It started with his mother, Hannah, who was unable to have babies. Hannah’s husband had 2 wives. The other wife was Peninnah and she was having baby after baby after baby. Peninnah started to tease and mock Hannah. Maybe because her husband loved Hannah more than her but, Peninnah took the opportunity to remind Hannah not just on one occasion but, year after year of torment. Even in the Sanctuary of God! So my question to you is, what Peninnahs do you have in your life? It could be insecurity, it could be comparison, it could be the enemy who would try to highlight circumstances or people and block you from hearing Gods voice?
What is distracting you from hearing Gods voice?
There is always going to be a Peninnah in your life, so what are you going to do about it? Will Peninnah hinder you from seeking God for an answer? Will fear, intimidation, comparison, hold you captive? Or will Peninnah push you to quiet the voices and hear the voice of God? Your persistence with the Lord could produce Samuel or your lack of persistence can leave you bitter. Choose to be persistent, don’t become bitter, and give birth to Samuel!

So how do I get my answer?

1. Pour Out your heart to God through prayer and reading the word . It is the segue to hearing the voice of God in our lives. He is able to download mysteries and secrets to us this way.
2. Be persistent ! God didn’t answer Hannah’s prayer in one day. He could if He wanted to, however, there is no formula to get a prayer through. It was Hannah’s persistence that got Gods attention.
3. Step out in faith! If you read in 1st Samuel after Eli sent her home, Hannah had to know her husband to make a baby, Okay?! I am not sure of a more eloquent way to say that but there, I said it! Lol seriously, the praying, the waiting grows OUR faith and causes us to activate what is on the inside of us!

I want what’s mine, do you?

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