Sweetest Day or Nah

So I put up a post about an hour ago about today. But I accidentally deleted it while I was editing😩 It went a little something like this…..
Happy Sweetest Day! Every year, either I am oblivious to the holiday or I am reminded about it the day before. Valentine’s Day is the grand slam of Lovey Dovey holidays! This is where boys can express their, love, devotion, and chivalry! I remember getting a teddy bear my Junior year and I was so scared! I wasn’t allowed to date and I was in utter shock that I got a teddy bear. When I brought it home, my parents were asking me who the guy was and why did he give me the bear. I had no answers for them because I was just as shocked as they were! Although Sweetest Day is predominantly for boys, it reminds many woman that they don’t have someone and vice versa. Let the violins swell! Another year and I am single.com, the solo señorita, and I am making jokes because we, single ladies, need to lighten up! The Lord has placed the desire to love and be loved and to get married. That is honest and honorable, but we do not and should not be sad or derailed from what we are called to do because our guy isn’t here, yet. I do not want to negate the desire because God placed it in your heart! You may not have your suga wuga, sweetie peetie, or suga lump, but you don’t have to be sad because s/he isn’t in your life yet. My mom sent me this letter that she found on FB on a page called Courting Vs Dating. It reads:

To My Future Wife,

I know it seems that I’m not coming, but please don’t give up on me. The truth is I am searching for you even now and I WILL find you. Before the world began, and before there was a who or a what a when or a where, God already knew you would be mine. And finally, I believe that season of meeting you is much closer than you think. In time, we will become a reality in spirit, soul and body.

So, if you are becoming inpatient, please don’t. Don’t look at what others have or have not gotten. Don’t look at what has worked for some and not for others. Keep the faith and keep your focus. However, until I come, please keep on pursing your dreams; always stay connected to God; and when I cross your mind – put in a prayer for me so that when we do meet, I will have become everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Searching for you – my good thing and the favor you will bring.

Forever & Always Yours,
Your Future Husband

Does this letter not melt your heart like it did mine?! Ohmygoodness!! I am a sucker for all things mushy and romantic! After reading this, I began to think. As much as I think my future husband is non existent, or he is a figment of my imagination, or a far away dream, he is a real human being that is walking this Earth! I once heard a friend say, “Your husband is a real person!” How encouraging is that? Lately, when I feel like oh my gosh another couple engaged, there goes my dream again, I imagine myself in 5 years, married! And that’s true, one day, we will be married! But before I digress, I had a thought. I started a journal to my husband when I was in high school , I think I was a sophomore. I’ve been writing off and on in it for 7 years. Maybe while you’re in your waiting season, you want to start a journal to your boo, and be honest! Write your thoughts and your feelings down. Tell your boo you’re praying for him, write a list of things and find scripture to back it up! I found Psalms 112 when I was 18 and I have been standing on that for my husband. He will encompass all those qualities! It seems silly, but when you do meet your beloved , you can read to them some moments from your journey and look at the faithfulness of God! So be encouraged y’all, today really is a sweet day. 😘


  1. Kaysy · February 14, 2015

    Really powerful! Thank you for being transparent it’s has really blessed me and encouraged me as I patiently wait and really trust God !

    Liked by 1 person

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