Babies and Thangs

A year ago, I had a dream I was pregnant and I just about freaked out!Me, pregnant? I felt like Mary when she told the angel, I’ve never even known a man! Although that was a peculiar part of my dream, the other interesting part of my dream was that everyone was okay with me being pregnant too! I was so surprised! But, after some wise counsel and doing my own research, I found that being pregnant was a good thing! It meant that I was getting ready to birth something, whatever it may be. The typical gestation period, or how long it takes to form a baby in the moms womb, for a human being is 9 months, which is roughly 280 days. That is a long time. I looked into how long other animals have to wait before they give birth and here are a few: Dogs and cats are about 2 months, a mouse takes about 30 days. But, then you have African elephants that take almost 3 years to develop a baby elephant, or a what about 15 months to make another baby whale. Talk about a loooooong time! Moms out there, can you imagine being pregnant for a year or longer? Some of you guys needed a support team for 9 months! But in all seriousness, it takes time for something that is inside of you to be formed and birthed. When parents first find out they are having a baby, they experience a rush of emotions. Excitement, joy, fear, and other emotions that surround the new addition to the family. The months leading up to the baby’s arrival, changes happen mentally, physically, and emotionally. Mom’s diet might change, activities she used to do before the baby may lighten up or be non existent, what used to be easy requires more effort, and one that everyone sees, her stomach gets bigger. There is an old saying that says a baby changes everything, and that sounds about right! Although I have mentioned all these natural aspects of having a baby I want to get you to think spiritually. Has God ever given you a dream, vision ministry, idea, plan, or a prophetic word and it is taking forever to come to past? I have had all these things and quite frankly, at times I feel like it’s taking too long! Too long to come to past, too long for me to see and I grow impatient sometimes because I see some one else having a shorter “gestation period” than I am. I feel like the elephant waiting three years until my baby gets here! I’m thinking and asking God, “When is it going to be my turn?!” But, in waiting I know that God is changing me. He is changing my diet, and what I intake and what I crave. He is requiring more of me. What used to be a simple prayer and faith requires me to study more, to pray more, and trust more! Sometimes we think the baby is changing us, and it is, but, what if we begin to think the waiting is changing us? With out the wait, our minds won’t change, our attitudes won’t change, habits won’t change, and most importantly our hearts. What ever the wait is for, it’s preparing us to be able to be an effective mother, minster, student, whatever, the wait is where God will get the most Glory! So let me ask you, what are you doing during your wait? Are you gripping? complaining? Looking at some one else’s wait and wishing it was you? Or are you doing what you need to do to take care of your baby? Are you growing in wisdom? Understanding? Practicality? Spirituality? Holiness? Purity?
Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I had another dream! I’m always dreaming! This dream, I actually had a new born baby! It was healthy and cooing at me and I was playing with it. But, finally I had to pick up the baby and handle it with care. I had to adjust the baby a few times to make sure I held it correctly and made sure the baby was comfortable. This dream is confirmation to me that the wait is over! After the wait I had a healthy baby boy, so my waiting was not in vain. But after I had the baby, now it was time for me to walk out what I had been waiting for all this time. I believe many have been waiting on God for what has been promised to them. You are so close to giving birth, don’t abort what God has given you because it’s taking to long and your patience is low! If anything pray for patience! After the baby is born, moms forget about the wait, they forget about all those moments that lead them here, they are holding what they have been waiting for, and it is totally worth it! So be encouraged dears! This is your season, God is up to something fantabulous!



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