Rub-a-dub-dub, get in that Tub

I am always dreaming! I had dreams this week that I believe came from The Lord. One of my dreams involved a man. He was half dressed with pants on. We were actors for a play, we were behind the scenes of this particular day. Our director was giving us instructions for a new act that required us to be completely clean. Well the half dressed guy had not showered in weeks. He had been using dry shampoo, extra cologne to cover up his stench, and wearing clean clothes. On the outside he “looked” clean, but underneath all that, he was still dirty. Our director had given us a new act that required us to be fully clean in order to participate in the play. Finally, the half dressed man realized he could not avoid being clean any longer. It was time for him to take a  shower using real soap, water, shampoo, and a towel. How often are we like the man? We do just enough to get by spiritually, or we try to find alternatives to get us a particular result. God, or our director, wants to give promotion. He wants to  elevate us and take us to new realms, but first, we must be clean! Your efforts to be clean may have worked in the past, but now God wants us to not only look clean, but be clean. Back in the day, baths were a luxury. They were susceptible to sickness, disease, and death because they were not bathing! We have advanced so much since then, now we have lazy people who don’t want to be clean. Dry shampoo?!? How many times have we had the word of God , the tools to help us be free and clean, and we did not use it? We wanted the minute version on a process that is supposed to make us look, be, feel, and smell good! I want to exclaim to you, don’t be afraid of the soap! The soap is Gods word. The water is the Holy Spirit. Don’t just get wet, get clean! There are no shortcuts in the kingdom of God. Don’t mask things that God is willing and able to remove! It is a step by step process. You will arrive where you are supposed to be by being obedient and taking that shower! Be honest with yourself and be clean forreal forreal y’all!


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