Sweetest Day or Nah

So I put up a post about an hour ago about today. But I accidentally deleted it while I was editing😩 It went a little something like this…..
Happy Sweetest Day! Every year, either I am oblivious to the holiday or I am reminded about it the day before. Valentine’s Day is the grand slam of Lovey Dovey holidays! This is where boys can express their, love, devotion, and chivalry! I remember getting a teddy bear my Junior year and I was so scared! I wasn’t allowed to date and I was in utter shock that I got a teddy bear. When I brought it home, my parents were asking me who the guy was and why did he give me the bear. I had no answers for them because I was just as shocked as they were! Although Sweetest Day is predominantly for boys, it reminds many woman that they don’t have someone and vice versa. Let the violins swell! Another year and I am single.com, the solo señorita, and I am making jokes because we, single ladies, need to lighten up! The Lord has placed the desire to love and be loved and to get married. That is honest and honorable, but we do not and should not be sad or derailed from what we are called to do because our guy isn’t here, yet. I do not want to negate the desire because God placed it in your heart! You may not have your suga wuga, sweetie peetie, or suga lump, but you don’t have to be sad because s/he isn’t in your life yet. My mom sent me this letter that she found on FB on a page called Courting Vs Dating. It reads:

To My Future Wife,

I know it seems that I’m not coming, but please don’t give up on me. The truth is I am searching for you even now and I WILL find you. Before the world began, and before there was a who or a what a when or a where, God already knew you would be mine. And finally, I believe that season of meeting you is much closer than you think. In time, we will become a reality in spirit, soul and body.

So, if you are becoming inpatient, please don’t. Don’t look at what others have or have not gotten. Don’t look at what has worked for some and not for others. Keep the faith and keep your focus. However, until I come, please keep on pursing your dreams; always stay connected to God; and when I cross your mind – put in a prayer for me so that when we do meet, I will have become everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Searching for you – my good thing and the favor you will bring.

Forever & Always Yours,
Your Future Husband

Does this letter not melt your heart like it did mine?! Ohmygoodness!! I am a sucker for all things mushy and romantic! After reading this, I began to think. As much as I think my future husband is non existent, or he is a figment of my imagination, or a far away dream, he is a real human being that is walking this Earth! I once heard a friend say, “Your husband is a real person!” How encouraging is that? Lately, when I feel like oh my gosh another couple engaged, there goes my dream again, I imagine myself in 5 years, married! And that’s true, one day, we will be married! But before I digress, I had a thought. I started a journal to my husband when I was in high school , I think I was a sophomore. I’ve been writing off and on in it for 7 years. Maybe while you’re in your waiting season, you want to start a journal to your boo, and be honest! Write your thoughts and your feelings down. Tell your boo you’re praying for him, write a list of things and find scripture to back it up! I found Psalms 112 when I was 18 and I have been standing on that for my husband. He will encompass all those qualities! It seems silly, but when you do meet your beloved , you can read to them some moments from your journey and look at the faithfulness of God! So be encouraged y’all, today really is a sweet day. 😘

Babies and Thangs

A year ago, I had a dream I was pregnant and I just about freaked out!Me, pregnant? I felt like Mary when she told the angel, I’ve never even known a man! Although that was a peculiar part of my dream, the other interesting part of my dream was that everyone was okay with me being pregnant too! I was so surprised! But, after some wise counsel and doing my own research, I found that being pregnant was a good thing! It meant that I was getting ready to birth something, whatever it may be. The typical gestation period, or how long it takes to form a baby in the moms womb, for a human being is 9 months, which is roughly 280 days. That is a long time. I looked into how long other animals have to wait before they give birth and here are a few: Dogs and cats are about 2 months, a mouse takes about 30 days. But, then you have African elephants that take almost 3 years to develop a baby elephant, or a what about 15 months to make another baby whale. Talk about a loooooong time! Moms out there, can you imagine being pregnant for a year or longer? Some of you guys needed a support team for 9 months! But in all seriousness, it takes time for something that is inside of you to be formed and birthed. When parents first find out they are having a baby, they experience a rush of emotions. Excitement, joy, fear, and other emotions that surround the new addition to the family. The months leading up to the baby’s arrival, changes happen mentally, physically, and emotionally. Mom’s diet might change, activities she used to do before the baby may lighten up or be non existent, what used to be easy requires more effort, and one that everyone sees, her stomach gets bigger. There is an old saying that says a baby changes everything, and that sounds about right! Although I have mentioned all these natural aspects of having a baby I want to get you to think spiritually. Has God ever given you a dream, vision ministry, idea, plan, or a prophetic word and it is taking forever to come to past? I have had all these things and quite frankly, at times I feel like it’s taking too long! Too long to come to past, too long for me to see and I grow impatient sometimes because I see some one else having a shorter “gestation period” than I am. I feel like the elephant waiting three years until my baby gets here! I’m thinking and asking God, “When is it going to be my turn?!” But, in waiting I know that God is changing me. He is changing my diet, and what I intake and what I crave. He is requiring more of me. What used to be a simple prayer and faith requires me to study more, to pray more, and trust more! Sometimes we think the baby is changing us, and it is, but, what if we begin to think the waiting is changing us? With out the wait, our minds won’t change, our attitudes won’t change, habits won’t change, and most importantly our hearts. What ever the wait is for, it’s preparing us to be able to be an effective mother, minster, student, whatever, the wait is where God will get the most Glory! So let me ask you, what are you doing during your wait? Are you gripping? complaining? Looking at some one else’s wait and wishing it was you? Or are you doing what you need to do to take care of your baby? Are you growing in wisdom? Understanding? Practicality? Spirituality? Holiness? Purity?
Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I had another dream! I’m always dreaming! This dream, I actually had a new born baby! It was healthy and cooing at me and I was playing with it. But, finally I had to pick up the baby and handle it with care. I had to adjust the baby a few times to make sure I held it correctly and made sure the baby was comfortable. This dream is confirmation to me that the wait is over! After the wait I had a healthy baby boy, so my waiting was not in vain. But after I had the baby, now it was time for me to walk out what I had been waiting for all this time. I believe many have been waiting on God for what has been promised to them. You are so close to giving birth, don’t abort what God has given you because it’s taking to long and your patience is low! If anything pray for patience! After the baby is born, moms forget about the wait, they forget about all those moments that lead them here, they are holding what they have been waiting for, and it is totally worth it! So be encouraged dears! This is your season, God is up to something fantabulous!



Rub-a-dub-dub, get in that Tub

I am always dreaming! I had dreams this week that I believe came from The Lord. One of my dreams involved a man. He was half dressed with pants on. We were actors for a play, we were behind the scenes of this particular day. Our director was giving us instructions for a new act that required us to be completely clean. Well the half dressed guy had not showered in weeks. He had been using dry shampoo, extra cologne to cover up his stench, and wearing clean clothes. On the outside he “looked” clean, but underneath all that, he was still dirty. Our director had given us a new act that required us to be fully clean in order to participate in the play. Finally, the half dressed man realized he could not avoid being clean any longer. It was time for him to take a  shower using real soap, water, shampoo, and a towel. How often are we like the man? We do just enough to get by spiritually, or we try to find alternatives to get us a particular result. God, or our director, wants to give promotion. He wants to  elevate us and take us to new realms, but first, we must be clean! Your efforts to be clean may have worked in the past, but now God wants us to not only look clean, but be clean. Back in the day, baths were a luxury. They were susceptible to sickness, disease, and death because they were not bathing! We have advanced so much since then, now we have lazy people who don’t want to be clean. Dry shampoo?!? How many times have we had the word of God , the tools to help us be free and clean, and we did not use it? We wanted the minute version on a process that is supposed to make us look, be, feel, and smell good! I want to exclaim to you, don’t be afraid of the soap! The soap is Gods word. The water is the Holy Spirit. Don’t just get wet, get clean! There are no shortcuts in the kingdom of God. Don’t mask things that God is willing and able to remove! It is a step by step process. You will arrive where you are supposed to be by being obedient and taking that shower! Be honest with yourself and be clean forreal forreal y’all!


You were Made for this, Baby!

I love Esther’s story. It’s one about virtue, courage, and surrender. Every experience that Esther ever experienced prepared her to be a queen and ultimately save her people from extinction. From being adopted to going through a full blown beauty pageant, going against society and culture, she was being prepared. It’s easy to think just reading the beginning, this could be a total sob story.
No parents? Competition? The possibility of death? Please spare me! Maybe your story is not like Esther’s, but I believe your life has been hand picked by God. Every moment up until this point has brought you to where you are in your life and is preparing you for your destiny. There are a few things I believe we can pull out of Esthers story. Número uno: Your insides must match your outsides. Have you ever met a beautiful person with an ugly heart, potty mouth, judgemental, or rude? The reason Esther was even picked from her home is because the queen did not have a submitted heart. The king did not want a woman who could influence other women to rebel! It was said that Esther was beautiful on the outside. Esther also had a submitted heart. She was kind, considerate, she did not try to prove who she was, it shined through her actions, speech, and how she carried herself. Is your life influencing others to live a life submitted to Christ? How do you talk to others, are you obeying people that are in authority in your life? Do you gripe or complain about what’s going on around you? I rather take a pretty heart than a pretty face any day. Número dos: Hide yourself in Christ: It is said that Esther had a year of preparation. Although it was physical training, I want dig a little deeper. As Esther was preparing to become a Queen, before she “arrived,” Esther was hidden from distractions, from family, friends, and most importantly the King. When I think about wine or what I’ve heard about wine, is that the best wine is stored away until it ferments and aged until 50 years later, it is the best wine ever. Think of your life like that. This season you are in is a time you can grow and flourish in Christ. Learn what to do and what not to do. Learn discretion, learn obedience to God’s voice, learn to cook, find ways to serve in your community church, an organization with a cause, do something! You will have to go alone. This season, for you to develop who we are as woman! Finding who you are in Christ and investing who you are in Christ is the best decision you could ever do. I also want to point out this was before Esther got her man! Come on somebody! Being single has this stigma that it is lonely, unfulfilling, and long. Do not rush this process. Instead of getting wine, you will get some grape juice or something gross! Relax, stay hidden in Christ and God will make you ready for the realm of influence you will walk in. Número Tres: Live without fear! Fast forward in the story, Esther’s people were about to become extinct. The door for Esther to become queen had opened and she could not only influence her husband but an entire nation. She had many opportunities where she could sit around and do nothing. Or when she tried to talk to her husband and it seemed like she had no segue to talk to her husband,  she could have quit and used the lame excuse, Welp, I tried. But somewhere between her first attempts and the last attempt Esther mustard up courage. Her perspective had changed. “If I perish, I perish,” which I personally have adopted for my own life. Sometimes God will have you walk in places that you are the ONLY ONE walking. You may be the only truth, only conviction, only voice of reason and people aren’t going to be in your corner. All great people have been there and walked that out, but that is what made them great! They did not fold under the pressure, they stood for what they believed in and what was right. And some have died for what they believed in. And I use die lightly, because it might not be a literal death. You could lose friends, lose a position, anything. I wanted to share that because everyone will not have an Esther ending. What are you willing to lay your life on the line for? Hopefully, it is for things that will outlive you and carry a legacy.
There are so many other things you can take from this story that I did not touch on. From now on, think of every experience as preparation for where you are going! Know that you are capable of not only finishing, but, finishing well! It’s gonna be worth it in the end! ❤️